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Connected Automotive

How the Connected Consumer is driving change in the automotive sector

Connectivity and Connected Consumers are having a massive impact on the automotive sector. Everything is changing, so the car – indeed the sector – of tomorrow will look very different. In this blog series, we discuss the implications of the evolution in automotive.

Our blogs start with a look at how we buy cars, and the touchpoints we use to find out about their features and functions. Armed with this information, we provide guidance to advertisers on where to invest their precious budget.

We investigate how technology is changing in-car entertainment, and which options drivers and passengers will choose in the future. After all, automotive manufacturers need to balance the consumer desire for in-car tech with the need to focus on safety for all road users.

As we move towards the realization of the Smart Home, in-car tech will need to integrate with a host of connected devices in the home. Connected Consumers are anticipating the day when they can manage their grocery shopping top-ups, run a bath or turn the heating on from their car.

With so much change happening in this industry, we examine four factors that are essential for successful innovation. The Connected Consumer is most definitely driving change in this fascinating sector, only time will tell how that change will manifest itself.

Connected Consumer
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Connected Consumer