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Fashion & Lifestyle Revolution

In such a varied industry as fashion and lifestyle, it’s essential to keep track of the Connected Consumer. How is their behavior changing? And what impact will this have on your business success now and next?

While the industry might be diverse many of the challenges it faces are shared by all within fashion and lifestyle. The impact of omnichannel retailing on the physical store, the way the path to purchase is changing, how premium brands deliver the all-important customer “experience” in the absence of a physical brand presence and, perhaps most fundamental of all, how to compete for the same share of wallet with players not only in fashion and lifestyle, but other industries too.

Whether you are a value, premium, mass market or luxury brand, we have the latest consumer insights and market expertise to help your business navigate these uncertain times. Business success starts with knowledge. Let us be your guide.

The fashion retail revolution

We’re on the cusp of a revolution in fashion retailing. Today’s connected environment means every fashion brand has to become a retailer too. We may think that mobile is the cause of the big disruptions, but we believe there is more radical change to come.

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The future of the UK fashion industry

The fashion industry has been struggling across Europe for a while, and the concern is that the UK, which has up to now maintained a flat performance, may start to decline. 

We share our latest thinking on what a UK fashion brands need to do to be successful in today’s ever changing environment and to inspire and engage tomorrow's fashion consumer.

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Five need-to-know trends: how the Chinese shop for fashion

The Chinese fashion market h​olds strong appeal for global companies looking to grow their business. While the east is full of promise, however, it presents a number of challenges for overseas clothing companies. If global companies are to fashion a new market for themselves in China, they need to understand the Chinese consumer’s style of shopping.

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Fashion and lifestyle venues offer clues to the future of retailing

Retail is experiencing one of the most transformational periods in its history to date. The debate over online or offline has dominated in recent years, but retailers are wrong to overlook the importance of the physical point of sale. Real-world retail spaces remain of prime importance and retailers must work hard to deliver the goods in a world where the experience economy matters to today’s constantly Connected Consumers. Using the fashion and lifestyle segment as a barometer, GfK’s Christian Heller and Manuel Jahn unearth the four key trends all retailers need to know.

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Fashion forward innovations suited to all retailers

What happens in fashion retail today will forge the way for the other sectors tomorrow. We’ve found three exciting new concepts in Germany’s fashion retail sector that we think other retailers could embrace them.

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