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Fashion forward innovations suited to all retailers

Three future fashion concepts fit for any retailer

Fashion is spearheading a revolution in retail. What happens in fashion outlets today will lead the way for tomorrow’s retailers. By combining the intelligence gathered from our own expert workshops with updates from our trend scouts on the ground, we have identified three exciting new concepts that highlight the pioneering nature of some of today’s fashion retailers in Germany. Digital is the thread that ties this trio of innovations together. We believe these advancements won’t be unique to fashion for long, however, as their benefits could be embraced by any retailer.

One: The live simulator

The beauty of this approach is that technology allows your customers to experience your clothes almost for real using simulated situations. To help shoppers decide what to buy, they can see themselves wearing clothing items on video in locations beyond the changing room – such as cities, the countryside or beach. They can experience different temperatures, enabling them to check the suitability of garments for the changing seasons. The experience is made even more immersive by exposing them to relevant smells like flower meadows or the sea and a range of background sounds, from nature to a night club. They can share their images with friends to elicit their opinion and help them decide whether or not to buy the items.

We believe: “Converting fashion browsers into buyers is the biggest challenge facing all retailers. In fashion, the deciding factors that inform a purchase can be intangible. Providing shoppers with as much information as possible to enable them to make their minds up and buy in-store gives these innovators a competitive advantage – for now at least.”

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Two: The fashion apartment

Imagine the power of a residential retail space designed to showcase your products in situ for your customers. Specific brands and individual items of clothing hang invitingly in the wardrobes, clothes are laid out on the bed ready to be discovered and tried on, accessories are arranged on dressing tables. Styling is for an imaginary person’s taste to spark ideas and encourage experimentation. This approach can be used beyond fashion for furniture, fabrics, bedding, interiors and books.

We believe: “For fashion and lifestyle retailers, styling an apartment with a truly personal touch allows your customers to see your products adapted to someone else’s style and way of living. This all-important experience gives them not only ideas for how they might incorporate your products into their own homes and lives, but the confidence to buy. It’s simple, but effective.”

Three: The click + fit + collect store

Today’s retailers know that convenience is key – make the purchase simple and easy, and shoppers will return. Since online fashion retail took off, the high volume of customer returns has been a challenge – it is resource hungry and expensive for brands. At the click + fit + collect store, customers can not only collect their online orders but try them on too. This enables them to select the products that they want to return and those that they want to keep – all outside of standard store and postal service opening hours. These stores might only offer functional, small products with low-key fittings, but the power of this service will appeal to a network of brands and retailers, and be valued by their customers.

We believe: “This concept embraces click + collect but addresses one of its weaknesses when applied to fashion ecommerce in particular: that the buyer usually has to go home to try the items on and then come back to return them. Adding + fit is a simple concept that offers convenience to time-poor connected shoppers and so we think it will really take off.”

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