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The future of the UK fashion industry

In the ever changing fashion retail environment, the most successful brands will inspire consumers both on and offline, and have a fully integrated logistics system to deliver what the customers wants, how, where and when they want it.

Successful fashion brands need to:

  • Inspire their customer base to fashion greatness
  • Engage socially and digitally
  • Connect in an emotionally relevant way
  • Deliver against increasingly demanding customer expectations

To help you learn about tomorrow’s fashion consumer, we will share our latest thinking on how to understand 'The future of the UK fashion industry' and what you need to do to engage and inspire consumers.

Following the fashionista: Insights into today’s digitally connected fashion consumer

Successful e-commerce isn’t just about selling through your website. There is a whole digital world full of potential shoppers just outside your own domain, waiting to be inspired to buy. Engaging with fashion lovers across the whole of the online world and especially within social spheres will be critical to maintaining relevance amongst the digitally connected fashionista. To do this effectively fashion brands will need a solid understanding of what inspires today’s shopper, and how and where to engage with them synergistically across both on and offline touchpoints.

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How to get bigger in the business of fashion

We have developed a tool that enables you to have a thorough understanding of what consumers do both on and offline, in order to gain intelligence into the crucial ‘why’ of their actions.

Accompany Jess on her purchase journey to find out how we can analyse various details about a specific journey to show a true picture of the consumer.

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What’s next for UK fashion?

The fashion industry has been struggling across Europe for a while, and the concern is that the UK, which has up to now maintained a flat performance, may now start to decline in the wake of Brexit.

We look at just how discretionary is fashion spending deemed to be, will consumers continue to value experiences over possessions and how will retailers respond to the growing sector challenges. 

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Understanding shopping behaviour across a spectrum of Brands

Get a greater understanding about why “Hybrids” are becoming increasingly popular. Our data shows people flow from online shopping to hybrid sites that offer different brands and price points but what does this mean for your brand?

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The Evolution of the High Fashion Hybrid

In recent years the Fashion industry has seen a decline in high street sales, a shift towards online shopping and many changes in the outlooks of consumers. How have traditional high street fashion brands tackled this and what does the future of high street fashion look like?

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