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Financial Futures

Today’s Connected Consumers are revolutionizing financial services. Savvy, and demanding, the digital world has empowered them to get what they want from their relationships with traditional financial institutions.

Whether you are a retail or investment bank, insurance company or payment provider, to stay ahead in this environment you need to understand the consumer. What products will meet their exacting needs? What do they feel about privacy and security? How can you deliver customer service and brand experiences? Will digital touchpoints replace face-to-face contact? How can established players compete against innovative, agile fintech competitors?

With proprietary sources, trend data and a team of experts around the globe, we have the insights you need to succeed in this rapidly evolving and highly competitive marketplace – today and tomorrow.

How Connected Consumers are disconnecting financial services

Today’s Connected Consumers are savvy, with an appetite for knowledge and empowerment. Traditional financial institutions are under intense pressure to meet this new generation’s evolving – and exacting – needs. How can the established financial institutions ensure they stay relevant and evolve with their customers? The key lies in proactivity, efficiency and transparency.

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Move over robo-advice, it’s time to talk bionically

Robo-advice has gained traction in the US and Australia, but when it comes to investments and insurance decisions, consumers value human interaction. Will they learn to trust machines for their financial advice, or will the move to “bionic advice” be preferred?

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The power of three: Digital innovations and the user experience

The financial services industry is in a state of flux. But there are huge opportunities to be harnessed by linking physical and digital worlds. The key to success is to ensure that digital innovations offer a superior user experience (UX) hardwired into their development process.

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Innovation and insurance: Who will win tomorrow?

In the face of disruption caused by technology, what’s the future for the insurance industry? Companies that keep their customer at the heart of their strategy, think about new technology creatively, and strive for successful partnerships can own the future. 

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The evolution of customer experience in financial services

Today, however, financial institutions are prioritizing customer experience and putting the consumer at the center of their business models. There are four key trends that are behind the drive for customer centricity now.

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Reducing friction in the payments process

To remain relevant in the era of the Connected Consumer, financial institutions must create compelling and easy-to-use digital financial products. Working with Visa, we’ve been investigating the central role that user experience (UX) has in ensuring success in this complex and competitive sector. Read how together we are addressing three specific challenges: the high expectations of Connected Consumers, the pace of technological change and innovation from new fintech entrants.

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