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Tech Trends

For our latest thinking on how five key trends will impact Connected Consumers now and next, explore our Tech Trends 2017 report.

Connected Automotive

Getting there: navigate your way through the automotive sector to understand what consumers want, and how to maximize emerging technologies in the right way.

Smart Home

Get to grips with consumer awareness and understanding of the smart home – from the benefits to the barriers. Stay aheaed of the competition with our latest insights.

Future of Retail

Choice, price, convenience, and experience remain the four key factors to success in retail, but new battlegrounds are also emerging.

Connected Traveler

The travel industry is facing many challenges and opportunities. Read on to understand the key travel trends and how to succeed.

Fashion & Lifestyle Revolution

We have the latest consumer insights and market expertise to help your business navigate these uncertain times. Let us be your guide.

Financial Futures

With proprietary sources, trend data and a team of experts around the globe, we have the insights you need to succeed in this rapidly evolving and highly competitive marketplace – today and tomorrow.

Turning browsers into buyers

Our clients tell us that the biggest challenge facing them in fashion and non-food retailing today is conversion. Do you understand your shoppers’ path to purchase?

Future of Radio

As independent and reliable partner in media measurement, we have investigated how new technologies, methods of data collection and new research frontiers can turn into an opportunity.

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