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The future of the travel industry: the trip of a lifetime

The digital revolution has changed everything, and now the genie cannot be coaxed back into the bottle. New technologies, from mobile to virtual reality, have disrupted the traditional relationship between traveler and travel agent, while augmented reality and wearables present new opportunities to engage with today’s connected consumers.

Disruptive competition, industry disruptions and an overcrowded but increasingly fragmented marketplace present the travel industry with major challenges. Successful companies need to take a holistic view of each step of the purchase journey to understand and anticipate market developments.

We are in a unique position to spot the key travel industry trends as they emerge, using live booking data from a growing number of sales points to track performance on a daily basis. By combining analysis of this data with our extensive industry knowledge, we provide invaluable insights on the consumers of the future. We have also carried out several large-scale studies to find out what customers expect from the travel industry of the future.

In this blog series, we look in depth at the challenges and the opportunities facing tomorrow’s travel industry.

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