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Future of Radio

With Connected Consumers listening to radio in a variety of ways across platforms and devices, gathering robust and representative intelligence on radio audiences is becoming increasingly difficult.

As an independent and reliable partner in media measurement, we have investigated how new technologies, methods of data collection and new research frontiers can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Radio Audience Measurement in the era of the Conneced Consumer (white paper)

Connected Consumers are able to consume media in a variety of ways across platforms and devices.

This poses a very real challenge for all types of media measurement including radio audience measurement (RAM).

Broadcasters, media agencies and advertisers require robust and representative intelligence on radio audiences, so we must keep pace with the technology that gives rise to changes in the way that people listen to radio.

In this paper, we have outlined some of the different approaches to RAM, the new technologies and their advantages and disadvantages.

Download our white paper to successfully measure your radio audience.

What tools can you use to measure your radio audience?  The infographic below gives you a first impression of the advantages of using our RAM meter and app.

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The future of media

The media industry will never stand still and you need to keep up to date with current and future media consumption patterns.
Whether you need to measure advertising efficiency, analyze customer loyalty, or develop and schedule content, we can help.

Discover in our video why our experts continue to be at the forefront of media measurement globally.

Is digital radio really as good as it sounds?

Digital radio listening is growing, as the number of opportunities to listen to radio digitally is rising. Yet, sales of analogue radio sets still outnumber digital audio broadcasting (DAB) sets, and people currently spend more time listening to FM radio than to digital.

Will digital radio outperform analogue radio one day? Or analogue is the new digital?

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