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Mission possible

Categories are dead. Retailers need to become curators of choice.

James Llewellyn, UK Head of Shopper at GfK, says: Offering the right choice has always been critical, but typically this has only been done within categories, not across them. As we look to the future of retail, we see a move towards “lifestyle” stores organized by need states. Help your shoppers visualize their purchases in their world, whether they are searching for a mother’s day gift, winter accessories, or preparing for the arrival of a new baby. Retailers need to become curators of choice. This may mean collaborating with competitors for your share of wallet.”

  • Retailers and manufacturers need to rethink what choice means for Connected Consumers.
  • Abandon linear category thinking. Expand your approach to visualize consumers’ need states and organize your store around those.
  • Success as a “curator of choice” will involve collaborating – sometimes with competitors. 

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