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The end of the queue?

Being convenient has always been crucial to being effective in retail
From the independent store perfectly positioned around the corner for a loaf of bread to large out-of-town shopping malls with a myriad of shops and plentiful parking, retailers know they must be located where their consumers are. Connected Consumers have added a new dimension, forcing retailers to go to them. This means it’s essential to be present at all points along the digital path to purchase.

Convenience means being where your shoppers are 
As consumers have become connected, retail has needed to be omnipresent to meet shoppers’ needs and achieve a sale. Shoppers expect products and services to be available to them at any time and in any place. Increasingly, they turn to their mobiles as the first step in their purchase journey. In our FutureBuy study, one third (34%) of consumers globally told us that their mobile device is their most important shopping tool. Right now, retailers appreciate they must be optimized for mobile. In the future of retail, mobile may be replaced by devices such as wearables. Success tomorrow means changing your mindset from creating shopper attraction to appearing when and where the shopper needs you. 

Find me, try me, buy me
With consumers instinctively turning to their mobile devices to research and make their next purchase, being present at the early stage of the shopping journey is vital. A first-rate search strategy is essential to capture shoppers at the start of their research. As shoppers continue their journey, shoppers migrate to apps. Apps offer engagement opportunities to convert browsers into buyers at trigger points. For example, offer commuters an app so that they can fill their grocery basket when offline and collection points on their route of travel. Delivering direct to the consumer in their moment of need offers an advantage to many brands. Opportunities abound, from parents stuck without a nappy to weary travelers in need of a capsule hotel. 

In summary
In the future, delivering convenience in retail means anticipating shoppers’ requirements and appearing at the moment of need. The shoppers of the future won’t travel and they won’t queue, you will, and winning means jostling to the front of the queue.  


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