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Be omnipresent to be convenient

Shoppers crave convenience. You must be continually available

James Llewellyn, UK Head of Shopper, GfK says: “Today’s consumers expect shopping to be convenient. They want to shop when they are in transit, at work, at home or on holiday. In the past shoppers went to retailers to buy goods but now the roles have reversed and the onus is on retailers to go to shoppers. This means being present at the moment of trigger. That might be online but it might also be pop up shops in unexpected places, click and collect lockers at transport hubs, even drone delivery.”

  • For connected consumers globally, mobile is becoming the “most important shopping tool”. That’s true for three quarters of Americans (75%) and Indians (74%) and more than half of Mexicans (53%).
  • Retailers are interpreting the desire for convenience in many forms. To succeed in this environment, you must be easier, faster and as price competitive as your rivals.
  • Success means understanding what convenience means in all your categories and markets, and delivering it. Today that often means mobile, but in the future the device of choice may change. You cannot afford to be left behind.

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