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Create experiences not transactions

Shopper expectations are set by their best experience
To earn loyalty, retailers need to delight shoppers, not just persuade them to buy. A better environment and experience will keep shoppers coming back...



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Keeping shoppers satisfied in the retail of the future

Physical stores must work harder
James Llewellyn, UK Head of Shopper at GfK, says: “We might assume that a physical store has an advantage over an online store, but our FutureBuy research shows remarkably little difference between shoppers’ attitudes...



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The personal way to enhance the shopper experience

Let shoppers shape your offer to nurture loyalty
Today’s shoppers are attracted to personalization. They like it when online retailers recommend products and services that are relevant to them.

Being given the chance to input into or shape the products and services they buy also appeals to them. Four in ten (42%) of all...



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