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November 2016: Home is the heart of new market opportunities

From Reykjavik to Rio and from Birmingham to Bahrain, home is most definitely where the heart is. After a long period of economic instability, consumers are investing in their homes once more, providing all sorts of brands from a variety of industries with fresh new opportunities. From first-time buyers and nest builders to existing home owners and home-improvers, home-making is a serious and growing market.

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August 2016: Watching the summer sport spectators

Global audiences are enjoying a long summer of sport, with the Euro 2016 football having just blown its final whistle and the Rio Games about to start. Able to watch these events across screens, however, Connected Consumers' viewing behavior is increasingly fragmented.

Advertisers want to know if their messages are reaching the right audience. Whatever the content, iIt's vital to understand changing consumption patterns to optimize media campaigns and budgets.

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June 2016: How the connected car and smart home are shaping product and service strategy and design

Connected Consumers are navigating a new world of opportunities made possible by smart homes and connected cars. From driving to living, using technology to improve the lives of consumers is the single biggest opportunity for brands and businesses today.

Whatever sector you're in, this issue of ConnectedTalk will help you make sure you are firmly in the driving seat.

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How the connected car and smart home are shaping product and service strategy and design

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