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Keeping shoppers satisfied in the retail of the future

Physical stores must work harder

James Llewellyn, UK Head of Shopper at GfK, says: “We might assume that a physical store has an advantage over an online store, but our FutureBuy research shows remarkably little difference between shoppers’ attitudes towards the two. While 15% of consumers regard shopping in-store as “a more enjoyable experience”, the number who regard shopping online as more pleasurable is not much lower at 11%. Storeowners must work harder to maximize their real estate in an era where online gains more and more share of transaction. At first this is about differentiation; physical retailers can deliver an immersive experience that online can’t match today. The next stage is creating synergy; getting on and offline to work together to delivery one experience.” 

  • Happy, satisfied shoppers must be the goal of tomorrow’s retailers.
  • Selling shouldn’t be top of the agenda – if an environment inspires people, then making a purchase comes more naturally. An overt approach to sales builds business short term but will erode trust and loyalty long term, since shopper choice continues to expand.
  • Retailers need to think beyond transactions to the experience and environment they offer if they are to satisfy tomorrow’s shoppers.

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