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Consumer awareness of the smart home

A plethora of smart products and offerings are now available to today’s connected consumer. The market potential is huge but with adoption rates relatively low, what is stopping consumers from investing in the smart home? How can brands maximize their investment in this area?

We undertook a global study to get to grips with consumer awareness and understanding of the smart home – from the benefits to the barriers.

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Smart home: the truth behind the hype

There‘s no shortage of smart products and offerings for today‘s Connected Consumer. With so many companies now staking thier claim in this market, what is the reality behind low take-up rates?

We reaveal insights from our global study into consumer attitudes towards the smart home – what are the benefits they see, which barriers to adoption are greatest, and ultimately, will they invest in the smart home?

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Infographic: making the smart home a reality

Eight in ten consumers worldwide agree that the smart home is an extremely, very or fairly appealing concept. Whichever smart home sector you operate in, the smart home represents a huge opportunity – and a challenge.

Communicating the benefits of saving time and being free from repetitive domestic chores is one such challenge. Competing with a whole range of vendors moving into the space is another.

Is your business ready to maximize the smart home? Start by understanding what consumers say they want and expect from you.

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Get smarter about smart home

How are Connected Consumers really buying in the idea of the smart home? What smart devices are they purchasing and are they prepared to pay more for them? Which categories present the greatest opportunities? Get even smarter about the smart home with our FAQs.

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GfK smart home presentation at CES 2016 Las Vegas

Thanks to advancements in technology, the smart home concept is now a reality. But why has consumer uptake been so slow? How can brands maximize the potential this market offers? Which features appeal most to consumers?

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