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Turning browsers into buyers

For fashion and non-food retailers there’s competition coming from every angle and consumer spending isn’t growing, especially in mature markets. From online stores to high street shops, understanding the purchase journey can help your brand to be the one Connected Consumers choose to buy.

We think there are three key challenges you need to address to have convert browsers to buyer.

  • Challenge one: Keep visitors on your website
  • Challenge two: Convert browsers in-store to buyers
  • Challenge three: Understand the shopper journey

Each brand journey is different, however, if you can understand why someone didn’t buy a jumper online, or why that person walked out of one store and straight into another to buy a similar item, you have the intelligence to crack shopper conversion.

Read on to find out how behavioral data from different channels can help you understand and maximize the omnichannel environment

On-demand webinar: converting browsers into buyers

Our clients tell us that the biggest challenge facing them in fashion and non-food retailing today is conversion. Put simply, how do you convert a browser into a buyer? There's competition coming from every angle and consumer spending isn't growing, especially in mature markets. 

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But I only wanted a pair of jeans!

Understand your shoppers’ path to purchase, provide them with a seamless customer experience each step of the way and convert browsers to buyers. 

Find out just how much research browsers make on their journey to buy a pair of jeans.

​​​The hunt for the perfect pair of designer heels

How do you convert a browser to a buy? The purchase journey explained with the help of Chloe and her shoe shopping spree. 

Watch Chloe on her purchase journey for shoes

Converting browsers to buyers is always in fashion

The biggest challenge facing fashion and non-food retailing today is conversion. If you understand your shoppers' path to purchase, you can increase your opportunities to convert browsers to buyers.

Explore our infographic and find out how

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