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Connected Consumer webinars

On-demand webinars

Up close and personal with the Connected Consumer:
What every brand needs to know


It’s time to get up close and personal with Connected Consumers, the people who are shaping your brand today. Digital natives and internet savvy, these consumers are motivated by three things: freedom, acceleration and intimacy.  But is your brand delivering them? How can you keep up with consumers for whom change is a way of life?

Consumers’ needs and requirements drive market and brand evolution. So what can Connected Consumers tell us about where your brand should be headed next?

Combining our consumer insight with market expertise, we’ve devised free 30-minute on-demand sessions led by our experts  to help you create winning strategies. Designed to get you up close and personal with Connected Consumers, these sessions  will address how to meet their exacting needs at both a general and sector level.

Connected Consumer

Latest webinar: turning browsers into buyers

Our clients tell us that the biggest challenge facing them in fashion and non-food retailing today is conversion. Put simply, how do you convert a browser into a buyer? There's competition coming from every angle and consumer spending isn't growing, especially in mature markets. Here's our point of view.

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You'll hear the voice of the Connected Consumer loud and clear. Using consumer insights from  around the world, and across multiple sectors and markets, we answer key questions such as: 

  • Who is the Connected Consumer?  
  • What are the dominant influences that have created this new breed of consumer? 
  • What matters to Connected Consumers?  
  • How can you meet their ever-changing expectations and needs? 
  • Where can your brand add value?

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